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We live and work in an exciting but challenging world where rapid change seems to be the only constant. When you have been in business for over 30 years, as Verity International has, you have been on an incredible journey. One thing that has not changed, however, is Verity’s desire to create opportunities to learn, share, and explore for its customers, valued partners and others.

As such, we at Verity invite you to join us as we carve another path in our journey by initiating a blog and through it a regular ongoing conversation with you. Our intent is to create a contemplative and thought-provoking space where you can take a few moments away from the hectic pace of your everyday work life to examine a variety of topical issues.

In the last three decades, considerable business transformation has taken place driven by an evolution in strategic thinking, technological innovation, and globalization. Through our blog, we aim to help you get a handle on the ever-changing business landscape as well as perennial workplace issues by addressing a range of subjects relating to areas that include: leadership development, career/talent management, staffing, employee relations, diversity, and corporate ethics.

The blog should be viewed as a catalyst for discourse and not as a passive repository of information. You are encouraged to participate and use the blog as a way to engage with us and others. We want you to provide comments and views based on your experience and hard-earned expertise, regardless of whether you agree or disagree. Please feel free to share the blog widely with all the people in your network. Send us ideas for future blogs on the ordinary and extraordinary concerns that we all face in our daily work.

It is often through invigorating conversations and provocative perspectives that we learn and grow as professionals. Let us find new ways to examine old problems and creative approaches to address new challenges. We look forward to your feedback and opinions.

Tim Arnill
President and CEO
Verity International Limited


  • Steph Colbourn

    Wow Tim! Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  • Breigh Radford

    “It is often through invigorating conversations and provocative perspectives that we learn and grow as professionals” – I couldn’t agree more Tim. Looking forward to future posts!

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