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Job Search Student Event

Education to Career Transition.

Equipped with a portfolio of theoretical and practical knowledge: new grads take control of their ‘post-secondary-to-workforce‘ career transition.

If you haven’t connected with the header, chances are you’ve never seen the 1939 classic American film, The Wizard of Oz. The sense of impending doom and uncertainty that confronts the characters is often paralleled to the experiences new grads face when entering the work force after graduation.

Career transition can be a challenging event at any end of the spectrum. Post-secondary graduates are often overwhelmed by the reality that the marketplace doesn’t cater to persons without experience.  On the flip side, new grads want to take advantage of this entry point to use their diplomas for the field they’re most equipped to work in. So, how do you as a new graduate show employers your transferable skills and valuable experience? Well first, you need to get in front of these people and have the conversations.


Student Career Search Workshop

Verity International held their annual Student Job Search Workshop this past week to equip the children of their loyal customers with the essential skills necessary for a successful search.

In this all-day activity students learned how to develop their brand by:

  • Curating a direct 30-second elevator pitch
  • Activating their networking skills to uncover the hidden job market and further build connections
  • Formulating answers to behaviour-based interview questions
  • Fine tuning their writing skills to target cover letters and resumes for jobs they want
  • Leveraging technology to showcase their accomplishments on platforms such as LinkedIn

Of the students who participated in this exercise, 90% stated that they learned new information which inspired them to modify their approach to job search. Adapting to the environmental changes of the market empowers candidates to adhere to the old adage that ‘looking for a job is a full-time job in itself’. By learning the strategies that human resource and hiring managers’ use, one is able to align the search and find balance instead of becoming overwhelmed by the process. These are the same principles that Verity International uses in guiding their clients through the challenges of a dynamic marketplace and empowering them to lead successful searches.

If you would like to learn more about the annual student workshop event please contact us directly at: info@verityintl.com.

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  • Rose

    Helping the next generation learn to manage their own careers is a privilege we at Verity take seriously. Our annual Student Job Search Event was well received and the participants have skills they will benefit from throughout their careers.

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