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Verity Contributes to Technological Progress – HR Tech Summit

Continuing our commitment to supporting technological solutions that contribute to core HR functions, Verity was a sponsor of the first HR Tech Summit in Toronto, held on June 27, 2017.

In light of the prediction by HRD Magazine that “within the next ten years over half of the world’s office-based occupations will be disrupted or displaced by technology,” the HR Tech Summit offered HR professionals an opportunity to keep up with innovations through a trade expo, interactive workshops, thought-leadership interviews, and other activities.

Verity took the opportunity to showcase our new Talent Accelerator web platform which simplifies development and retention of talent, by providing better access to meaningful on-the-job development, allowing for relevant and timely feedback, and providing insights into the strengths and gaps of talent pools.   Continue Reading

Success Through Innovation in the Workplace: innovateworkTO

Innovation can be defined simply as the introduction of something new, such as a new idea, method, or technology.  However, the true importance of innovation can only be understood when one relates it directly to progress, success and even survival, particularly in the business world and the workplace.

With this critical understanding of the role of innovation, Verity was pleased to sponsor the second innovateworkTO event, “Shape the Future World of Work”, on June 20, 2017.  Continue Reading

Internships and… Fellowships… and Residencies – oh my!

Job Search Student Event

Education to Career Transition.

Equipped with a portfolio of theoretical and practical knowledge: new grads take control of their ‘post-secondary-to-workforce‘ career transition.

If you haven’t connected with the header, chances are you’ve never seen the 1939 classic American film, The Wizard of Oz. The sense of impending doom and uncertainty that confronts the characters is often paralleled to the experiences new grads face when entering the work force after graduation. Continue Reading

Marijuana and the Workplace: You Can’t Necessarily “Smoke ’em if you got ’em”

Marijuana and the Workplace

On the auspicious date of April 20, 2017, otherwise known as 4/20 or the high holiday of marijuana culture, Verity hosted a sober but engaging presentation: “Up in Smoke: The New Era of Workplace Drug Management”.

Lawyers Shana French and Ashley B. Brown from Sherrard Kuzz LLP, a leading employment and labour law firm exclusively representing management, discussed the implications for employers of the proposed decriminalization of recreational marijuana use and the already legal use of marijuana for medical purposes.  While the focus was on marijuana, the discussion encompassed and was informed by best practices relating to alcohol and drugs generally. Continue Reading

Open Office Plans: How they can be made to work better

Open office

Open offices are far from new, but they remain controversial. Most will agree that open office plans can allow for greater collaboration and interaction among employees. But the open workspace can also have an adverse effect on a person’s concentration, ability to think creatively, stress levels and feeling of control. Lack of privacy, noise, inability to regulate lighting, and interruptions from colleagues are some of the negative factors which may be more prevalent in open offices.

Despite the critical way in which they are often viewed, open offices in some form are likely here to stay, and since they are a reality for so many employees, one might consider how it may be possible to make them more effective, productive and comfortable work environments. Here are some ideas that may be worth considering in your workplace. Continue Reading

Not-so-Private – Employees in the Wired World

Employees in the Wired World


One of the most striking ways in which modern communication technology has changed the world, including the workplace, has to do with the blurring of distinctions between public and private life. The Internet, social media, email, texts, and cellphone cameras have come together to create fertile soil for a broad-scale social experiment in which it sometimes seems that there is no thought or deed which is not recorded, stored, and often shared.

The Internet can be a virtual paper trail, exposing employees doing things “on their own time” in a way that can end their present employment or potentially their entire career. Continue Reading

Controlling Excessive Work-Related Communication

Controlling Excessive Work Communication

Highly skilled office workers spend an alarming portion of their work week managing email and other digital communications. Moreover, they spend a substantial amount of time trying to get “back on task” after dealing with countless electronic and personal interruptions throughout each work day. But they cannot escape by simply leaving the workplace. Digital communications follow people wherever they go, from morning to night, meaning that many employees – whether by necessity or by choice – are never disconnected. Continue Reading

Talent Management: Accelerate in 2017

Canada is turning 150 in 2017.  Looking back to Canada’s centennial year, 50 years ago, one can only marvel at how much has changed since 1967.  There was no digital technology.  No email; no internet; no cellphones.  There was no truly globalized economy.  White-collar offices operated on a “9 to 5” schedule, and tended to be relatively stable, homogenous, and hierarchical.  Blue-collar workers still dominated the workforce with factories and manufacturing plants often operating three shifts each day.  Career progression was more defined, commonly taking place within a single organization.

The drivers and realities that shape the workplace of today would be unrecognizable to someone magically teleported here from our centennial year.  As business models have changed and technology has begun to dominate, the nature of the workforce itself has altered.  A “non-traditional” workforce now plays an important role in influencing the way in which employers manage talent. Continue Reading

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