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Job Search 101: Students Who Prevail

From basic do’s and don’ts, to intricate networking skills, the full day Job Search 101 Seminar was a success with the university and college students that attended on Friday, February 16th.  Verity Consultants, Karen Allen and Stephanie English led the session by engaging everyone in a networking activity to promote active learning. This was followed by a workshop on; constructing a modern resume; utilizing LinkedIn to the best of its abilities; and the importance of adapting to the changing job market. The feedback from these students was highly enthusiastic and inspired them to break away from the blueprint methods of prospecting and resume building.

The process of conducting thorough job searches has, without a doubt, transformed. As the youth of tomorrow readies themselves for the inevitable hunt, which could potentially land their dream job and set their future into motion, the evolving workforce and its application process continue to stun and alter itself into a state of unintentional casualness. Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed have created a unique algorithm in which applicants and employers can develop a different kind of relationship, the formal introduction has nearly vanished and what is becoming more and more prevalent is the casual, sometimes one-worded, response for expressing interest in the position. Allen and English addressed this phenomenon and the proper techniques for using these online tools.

Furthermore, networking has gone digital, interactions which use to be face to face are now conducted via chat-based conversations. You are given, maybe 3 minutes to tell your story in the appropriate manner before the prospective employer decides to connect or not. Allen and English discussed tips on wowing the prospect within that short time frame, optimizing your online presence, and ultimately breaking from the norms of job application.  As reticent as the students were, as they began the seminar, they were very confident as they left, with more insight on setting the right goals, connecting through networking, and how to reinforce their network through modern strategies.



  • Rose

    The skills these young and eager students learned will be invaluable throughout their working lives. They will refer back to the lessons learned this day again and again. It was a heart warming day for all of us at Verity to be a resource for these students as they embark on their first professional job search.

  • Stephanie English

    So proud to be part of this day. Working with our younger generation and helping them prepare for their career futures is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

  • bob binns

    Great to see Verity so engaged in the community and helping the next generation get a edge in kickstarting their career…

  • Lakna

    Rose, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  • Ethony

    Rose, thanks!And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

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