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HR needs to adapt to today’s evolving and modernizing workplaces, according to a study featured in the book Cliffhanger: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith. Human Resources have been attempting a reinvention, yet these attempts have been slack and have, too often, led to vaguely-defined game plans and lacklustre results. Meanwhile, workplaces themselves are becoming multi-modal through new technology and advances in productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Further, companies must invest in HR tools for workforce productivity. Tools that are mobile-enabled and mimic the social networking platforms and continuous performance management (CPM) tools that adapt as people shift between projects and teams.

What HR must do is work to understand workplace business strategies and come up with their own complementary people strategy. Human Resources must also integrate technology to ease and promote the interaction between the organization and the workforce to truly keep itself and the organization it serves from lagging. According to Vorhauser-Smith, HR is on the edge of a cliff…


Source: https://www.hcamag.com/hr-news/is-hr-at-risk-of-extinction-246035.aspx



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