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Verity was honoured to host Carine Strong of Volunteer MBC on November 28 as she inspired thought provoking ideas about the gratifying world of volunteering. Strong’s presentation to individuals going through their own personal job loss transition, was motivating and emphasized the importance that volunteers provide in the delivery of services. Verity offered its clients the opportunity to learn how to translate the skills they have used in the past to help impact the non-profit sector. Nearly half of the organizations in Ontario are run entirely by volunteers and 13.3 million volunteers contribute two billion hours of their time in Canada totaling $28 billion.

Carine Strong is a veteran of volunteerism and an advocate of the age-old philosophy, “do good-feel good”. Her journey began at Husky where Strong devoted a successful 30 years after which she went through a career transition from the world of corporate to the fulfilling life of non-profit.
Volunteering was always an instrumental part of Carine’s life and when she founded Volunteer MBC (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon) in 2008 it felt as though she had truly found happiness. Carine started with a staff of one – herself and one volunteer. Ten years later, they have 7 full time staff and over 300 volunteers. The organization also works with students in providing volunteer opportunities, and professional philanthropists looking to give back to the community through Volunteer Board positions. The charitable actions thrive on Strong’s inspirational ideals;
o We exist on this earth for some undetermined period of time.
o All of us are sent here for a reason.
o We are all blessed with unique gifts
o The expression of our gifts contributes to a cause greater than ourselves.

Verity’s clients were privileged to hear Carine’s story and learn first-hand about the benefits of giving back and connecting more personally with their community. Verity was proud to connect Volunteer MBC with clients in transition interested in giving back to the community while conducting their job search.

For more information visit Volunteer MBC’s website as well as Volunteer Toronto and Volunteer Halton.

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