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In a previous career, I was a professional cook. I’ve never cared for the title “Chef” even though I have supervised many restaurant kitchens. At the time, female kitchen leaders were anomalies. These days, anyone from an 8-year-old kid, to an elegant golden girl, could be poised in front of a television camera, formally being addressed as “Chef”. I find this title mostly pretentious. In my experience it took the roles of many, from the dishwasher to the food suppliers, to collectively drive and determine the ultimate client experience.

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Transgender Employees in the Workplace: Q & A with Cynthia Ingram

“We are not striving for perfection” Cynthia Ingram, Employment Lawyer at Piccolo-Heath LLP, stated during her Accommodation and Support for Transgender Employees seminar at Verity. Ingram’s presentation covered some of the struggles, double standards and presumptions the LGBTTQ2SAA community faces in the workplace. On average, individuals spend 10 hours each day at work or in the workplace and to assume sexual orientation, and the expression of gender identity is not part of one’s employment experience might be rather naïve.

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The Future of Human Resources …


HR needs to adapt to today’s evolving and modernizing workplaces, according to a study featured in the book Cliffhanger: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith. Human Resources have been attempting a reinvention, yet these attempts have been slack and have, too often, led to vaguely-defined game plans and lacklustre results. Meanwhile, workplaces themselves are becoming multi-modal through new technology and advances in productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Continue Reading

Are You All Alone for Dinner?



I recently listened to a speaker talk about the years when he was so engrossed in his work that he seldom made it home in time for dinner with his spouse and young family. This reminded me of the countless days I was at my desk downtown before 7:00 a.m. and worked until 6:00 p.m., only to then to go for a 12k run in preparation for my next marathon. I too would get home long after my family had eaten together without me.

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Women on the Rise: Forging the path

On Thursday, January 18, Verity hosted a “Women on the Rise” breakfast for more than 55 leaders from all levels of experience and across all sectors. The purpose of the event was to create an honest conversation about the topics affecting women in leadership today.  Led by Karen Calder, Senior Associate Consultant for Verity, attendees gathered over coffee and croissants to talk about motivational practices, individual and corporate development strategies, and trusting your instincts.  Karen opened the discussion by sharing the story of her journey from Walmart executive to becoming a motivational speaker, and ultimately a high-performance coach with a practice that is mostly focused on “paying it forward” to women who aspire to be at their best.

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January is the Monday of your new year in Leadership

By Paul K. Bates, DPT (coursework completed), MTS, FCPA, FCMA, CMC.

Chair of the Board: Verity International Inc.

Like many of you, the Holiday season gave me an opportunity to spend time with family: Children and Grandchildren. In addition to just enjoying time together—I even did reasonably well at the bowling lane!—I listened to feelings about work and achievement. Some comments expressed satisfaction, some frustration. This is normal of course, but it did get me thinking about challenges of our life today when technology constantly intertwines our desire for relaxation and downtime with the 24/7 demands of work. In particular, I found myself contemplating how we integrate all the contexts in which we live and work. Linda Wagener writes, “The postmodern context in which we live has geometrically increased the multiple identities that we need to integrate to have a coherent sense of self.”

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From Corporate to Non-Profit

Verity was honoured to host Carine Strong of Volunteer MBC on November 28 as she inspired thought provoking ideas about the gratifying world of volunteering. Strong’s presentation to individuals going through their own personal job loss transition, was motivating and emphasized the importance that volunteers provide in the delivery of services. Verity offered its clients the opportunity to learn how to translate the skills Continue Reading

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