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Verity Contributes to Technological Progress – HR Tech Summit

Continuing our commitment to supporting technological solutions that contribute to core HR functions, Verity was a sponsor of the first HR Tech Summit in Toronto, held on June 27, 2017.

In light of the prediction by HRD Magazine that “within the next ten years over half of the world’s office-based occupations will be disrupted or displaced by technology,” the HR Tech Summit offered HR professionals an opportunity to keep up with innovations through a trade expo, interactive workshops, thought-leadership interviews, and other activities.

Verity took the opportunity to showcase our new Talent Accelerator web platform which simplifies development and retention of talent, by providing better access to meaningful on-the-job development, allowing for relevant and timely feedback, and providing insights into the strengths and gaps of talent pools.   Continue Reading

Not-so-Private – Employees in the Wired World

Employees in the Wired World


One of the most striking ways in which modern communication technology has changed the world, including the workplace, has to do with the blurring of distinctions between public and private life. The Internet, social media, email, texts, and cellphone cameras have come together to create fertile soil for a broad-scale social experiment in which it sometimes seems that there is no thought or deed which is not recorded, stored, and often shared.

The Internet can be a virtual paper trail, exposing employees doing things “on their own time” in a way that can end their present employment or potentially their entire career. Continue Reading

More than Good Intentions: Resolutions to Keep in 2016

Despite the fact that many people feel as if September marks the true beginning of a “new year” in the sense of returning with fresh energy to work or to one’s studies after a relaxing summer vacation, January is still the time when people traditionally form new year’s resolutions.

On a personal front, we may resolve to become more fit, to read more “serious” books, to spend more time with family and friends, or to finally clean out the basement. The resolution bug usually hits around January 1st but, with the possible exception of one or two positive new habits which may be formed, by February or March our busy lives overtake our good intentions and it is business as usual once again.

Business as usual may be the preferred option for those of us who would just as soon put off eating more vegetables or going to the gym, but it is not a sound option for any organization that aims to stay on the competitive cutting edge in its field. Business leaders know that good intentions are never enough. Continue Reading

Be part of Verity View : New perspectives on leadership, talent management, career development and workplace trends‎

We live and work in an exciting but challenging world where rapid change seems to be the only constant. When you have been in business for over 30 years, as Verity International has, you have been on an incredible journey. One thing that has not changed, however, is Verity’s desire to create opportunities to learn, share, and explore for its customers, valued partners and others.

As such, we at Verity invite you to join us as we carve another path in our journey by initiating a blog and through it a regular ongoing conversation with you. Our intent is to create a contemplative and thought-provoking space where you can take a few moments away from the hectic pace of your everyday work life to examine a variety of topical issues.

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