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Success Through Innovation in the Workplace: innovateworkTO

Innovation can be defined simply as the introduction of something new, such as a new idea, method, or technology.  However, the true importance of innovation can only be understood when one relates it directly to progress, success and even survival, particularly in the business world and the workplace.

With this critical understanding of the role of innovation, Verity was pleased to sponsor the second innovateworkTO event, “Shape the Future World of Work”, on June 20, 2017.  Continue Reading

Talent Management: Accelerate in 2017

Canada is turning 150 in 2017.  Looking back to Canada’s centennial year, 50 years ago, one can only marvel at how much has changed since 1967.  There was no digital technology.  No email; no internet; no cellphones.  There was no truly globalized economy.  White-collar offices operated on a “9 to 5” schedule, and tended to be relatively stable, homogenous, and hierarchical.  Blue-collar workers still dominated the workforce with factories and manufacturing plants often operating three shifts each day.  Career progression was more defined, commonly taking place within a single organization.

The drivers and realities that shape the workplace of today would be unrecognizable to someone magically teleported here from our centennial year.  As business models have changed and technology has begun to dominate, the nature of the workforce itself has altered.  A “non-traditional” workforce now plays an important role in influencing the way in which employers manage talent. Continue Reading

Blended Outplacement Support Buoyed by Human Touch

Verity is known for our high-touch, face-to-face approach to career transition, and today’s technological advancements allow for useful supplemental support as well. We invite you to read “Blended Outplacement Support Buoyed by Human Touch” which is written by our fellow VF Career management member, Peter Saulnier. Originally published on HRVOICE.org on May 25, 2016 this article demonstrates VF Career Management’s shared philosophy in all our offices across Canada. It shows the importance of embracing technology, but understanding that to get maximum effect, it is a supplemental tool to face-to-face support – a blended approach!

While technological change has a lengthy history of disrupting the workforce, the scope of our current technologies is facilitating the career transition phase as never before. Continue Reading

Five Leadership Development Tactics of Top Companies

Five Leadership Development Tactics of Top Companies

While we cannot accurately predict the future, we can make an attempt to invent it.[1] Effective leadership is an essential component in a company’s planning for a successful and profitable future. In a complex and competitive globalized environment where change is a constant, leaders have to establish a clear path for their company and staff even when the indicators are vague and uncertain.

Studies and surveys have been conducted to identify the characteristics and strategies of companies or organizations which have the best leaders.[2] These studies confirm that there are several core tactics that any company must adopt if it wants to effectively navigate the future. The following are some of the more important ones. Continue Reading

Be part of Verity View : New perspectives on leadership, talent management, career development and workplace trends‎

We live and work in an exciting but challenging world where rapid change seems to be the only constant. When you have been in business for over 30 years, as Verity International has, you have been on an incredible journey. One thing that has not changed, however, is Verity’s desire to create opportunities to learn, share, and explore for its customers, valued partners and others.

As such, we at Verity invite you to join us as we carve another path in our journey by initiating a blog and through it a regular ongoing conversation with you. Our intent is to create a contemplative and thought-provoking space where you can take a few moments away from the hectic pace of your everyday work life to examine a variety of topical issues.

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